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Dear Wizard: When should I consider motorizing my window shades?

Have a tall window or a shade that will be hard to reach? A wall of windows with several blinds to open and close? Installing a home automation system?

If “yes!”, then motorized shades and blinds are a good option to consider for your hard window treatments. There are a wide range of motorization options that vary in price and functionality. We can help you choose an option that will work with your specific choice of window treatment and desired operation.

Roller Shades, Natural Shades and Cellular (Honeycomb) Shades can be motorized so that the entire shade will move up and down as well as stop at different points along the way. Faux Wood, Real Wood motorized blinds and motorized shutters will tilt the louvers open or closed but will not pull the blinds up or down or open shutters all the way. These window treatments may still be a great option for windows that receive a lot of light and heat from the sun.

Looking for a motorization option for your outdoor patio? We have those too! We will show you several options to choose from that are designed for outdoor use. Powering your motorized blinds, shades and shutters is also an important question to consider. Power options include battery packs that require regular batteries or rechargeable batteries and may have a solar recharging option.

Another power option is by wall plug-in or hard-wired into an electrical system. Control devices include a remote, a wall switch, a power wand on the blind or a smart device app.

Motorization is a wonderful option with many benefits, but the choices can be daunting. The Blind Wizard team is here to help you find the best solution for your particular motorization need and window style.