Motorized Window Shadings
A Simple, Yet Modern Update

We are so excited to share a recent Blind Wizard project with you, especially with all that is going on in the world today.  Even though our offices are temporarily closed, we are scheduling appointments for the future. 

With the weather heating up and the sun starting to shine brighter, a customer called our Morgantown, West Virginia branch eager to make an upgrade to their living room hard window treatments. 

Two large windows in the customer’s living room are positioned behind their furniture, making access difficult. The windows receive direct sunlight for most of the day which means navigating around the furniture to close the blinds several times a day and at nighttime.   The customer also likes sheer shades but wanted to have the coverage and privacy that blinds offer.  

With this in mind, we suggested a modernized option that not only provides convenience but elegance and simplicity. Our recommendation – motorized window shadings, which provides the look of sheers and the privacy of blinds while allowing the customer to move the window shadings with a touch of a button on a remote control. The remote controls the individual shades on each window allowing them to move together or separately.

Case Study: Motorized Window Shadings - Blind Wizard Blog

We loved working on this project because we used the power of technology to modernize closing and opening hard window treatments to prevent light from coming in with a remote control. The customer now only has to navigate around their furniture if they wish to clean or open the windows.  And the customer got the look of sheers they desired.  

If you’re interested in motorized window shadings, contact us to set up a future appointment – we’d be happy to answer any questions you may have.